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Golf Course Report

Updated on: June 25, 2016

Call 434-325-8250 for tee times.

Stoney Creek

Opening Tee Time:  7:30 AM
Rotation:  Monocan to Shamokin and Shamokin to Tuckahoe.
Cart Rule:  Cart Path Only
Weather:  Partly Sunny with temperatures in the Low 80s.

Devils Knob

Opening Tee Time:  7:30 AM
Cart Rule:  90 Degrees
Partly Sunny with temperatures near 70.

Friday, June 24, 2016

3 Unexpected Benefits of a Corporate Retreat

Most everybody expects to get certain things out of corporate retreat or conference: training and team building. But there are always other benefits that you didn’t expect.

1) Uncover Hidden Talents

Maybe you didn’t know that the Director of Accounting was a passionate Zumba dancer, or that the mail carrier was an accomplished chef. We all have hidden talents and interests, and not only are they interesting to others and build relationships when shared, but they might also have applications at work.

Maybe somebody minored in photography in college and could take website photos for your company and save hiring a professional photographer. Or maybe the shy employee who never offers ideas has noticed something that proves invaluable to your business practices. The things you find out at a corporate retreat are often surprising and unpredictable. It may be a long shot, but you might even find a business application for that passionate Zumba dancer!

2) Build Bridges Between Departments

    Many departments have strong teams that work and communicate well together. It’s a real skill for managers to develop that in their employees and a great success when it happens. But often there is less effective teamwork between departments. Employees that don’t interact often usually do so less efficiently, but cooperation between departments is almost equally important.

    A corporate retreat gets everybody together, talking, and finding out how they can share information better. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about other departments and what procedures you can put in place to ensure better interdepartmental teamwork. 

    3) Unplug + Understand

      In this age of email and constant connectedness through devices, employees talk face to face, less and less. And let’s face it: email does not convey subtext very well. We’ve all gotten emails that rubbed us the wrong way, but often if that same message was given to us in person, we might have had a very different reaction. 

      Recently, several companies have tried no-email Fridays to encourage in-person communication. Even if you’re not quite ready to take that step, a corporate retreat will encourage more in person conversation, and build more rapport between employees so that when they do get that email that could rub them the wrong way they treat it with a bit more understanding.

      Why Wintergreen is Special

      Wintergreen is the perfect place to discover all the unexpected benefits of a corporate retreat. It's the perfect setting to let down your guard and discover connections between your employees. Let Josh and Ellen tell you why Wintergreen is special in the Mountain Minute video below. 

      To request more information or reserve space for an upcoming Virginia event, visit Meetings and Groups web pages, email Conference and Group Sales at, or call 800-273-3390.

      Last Edited by The Mountain Messenger on Friday, June 24, 2016

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