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The Plunge

Summer Tubing Thrills

The Plunge Tubing Park
Wintergreen Resort Mountains of Adventure

Hours of Operation: Please check This Week at Wintergreen for current hours of operation.  

New track is here!

Tubing Facts

  • Recommended for ages 6 and up
  • You must be 42 inches or taller to ride The Plunge
  • One person per tube, but you may "hook" tubes together, conditions permitting

The Plunge is Virginia's largest tubing park. Imagine being on top of a ten story building and looking out over a hill that's longer than three football fields. Now imagine going downhill on a tube at speeds reaching 30 mph. That's The Plunge! Thrills and chills without the spills. To make it even easier, our conveyor lift will bring you and your tube comfortably and quickly back up the hill so you can do it again and again. Some of our guests call it the "scream machine" and we think you'll agree! It's just plain tubular fun. Because after all, anyone can slide!

This wintertime favorite activity transforms into a summertime version that is just as thrilling. It's still like being on top of a ten story building and traveling over three football fields, this time without the snow! Made from a product called Neveplast, this slippery material lets you tube without snow or water.

Please call 434-325-8180 for more information.

  • Tickets can be purchased at the Discovery Ridge Adventure Center
  • Shoes are required
  • $29 for a 45 minute session

If you are traveling with kids under 18, please have their parent sign the risk agreement before you travel.

Risk Agreement 

For more information, please call 434-325-2100.  You may also be interested in Snow Tubing.

Tubing Warning

All guests participating in Tubing must agree to the following statement upon issuance of their tubing ticket:

"Tubing involves risks and dangers. I understand that lane conditions vary constantly and that there are risks of high speed, collisions in and beyond the lane, leaving the lane and slipping and falling. I agree to tube only in my designated lane and only when released by an attendant. I understand and agree to remain aware of and avoid other tubers while exiting the tubing lanes. I accept responsibility for my own safety and assume all risks of injury, death or property damage. I also agree to follow all Wintergreen instructions. I understand that I can return this ticket for a full refund, within 30 minutes of purchase, if I do not agree to accept these conditions. I understand that this ticket is revocable at any time if I do not comply with any applicable term. This ticket is non-transferable."